Home loan or Mortgage calculator and analysis

30th July, 2019

It is a dream for almost all individuals to have their own home at one point. But everyone cannot afford this by themselves. They need some financial help from third party agencies like banks. The banking system do provide options for such cases in terms of loans. These loans are termed as Home loan or Mortgage.

Deciding to have a mortgage or home loan can be easy but the most difficult part is to come up with an optimal strategy for series of repayments/returns which must suite to one's own total household income. In this blog we will generate and test different strategies to guide you to the best and least expensive mortgage or loan.

Note: The following parameters are based on the German system (Berlin). (leave them blank or 0 otherwise)
Property price
Down payment
Real estate agent commission (%)
Real estate tax (%)
Notary costs (%)
Land register fees (%)
Loan amount
Interest (%)
Fixed rate period (years)
Household income
Monthly return
Voluntary annual return (Sondertilgung)

Nowadays we have a nice online mortgage advisor called  Hypofriend and they also provide a a similar calculator.